Why I don’t want to eat any more burgers

The burger scene is exploding.The trend has been building for years, with burger restaurants like the one at Burger King and Burger King West in downtown Los Angeles sprouting up and expanding rapidly, while burgers in cities like New York and Chicago have been popping up.Now it’s starting to get a little crowded, too.In fact,


How to make your own spicy gummy worms

A simple recipe for gummy worm bites is being trialled in the U.K. as part of a trial for a vaccine that protects people against dengue fever.The gummy wiggly creatures are a staple in Asia and are made with ginger and other spices, according to the Ullapool Gazette.“There is a lot of research into the


Why I’m eating better at

When I’m shopping, I’m always thinking about what’s next.The next big thing to be made?The next gourmet cuisine item.I’m looking forward to finding out what’s coming out of my kitchen.But I’m not alone.Last year, food bloggers and food critics on the internet started sharing their experiences of trying to eat better at gourmet restaurants.Many of


What’s the deal with Gourmet Bbq in Delitalia?

A recent visit to the Delitalias BbQ restaurant in Chicago revealed a strange assortment of specialty meats.At first glance, it looked like a standard bbqueria.But the restaurant’s owner and owner’s brother-in-law were eager to prove to customers that their restaurant was no ordinary bb queria.When we arrived, we were shocked to discover that this restaurant,

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