Gourmet Backpacking Food in India

I am currently working in Delhi, India, a city with a reputation for its gourmet food.My favourite thing to eat is Indian food.I like the cuisine, the spices and the ambience.So when I went to India to do my MBA, I decided to go with the gourmet menu.My favorite thing to do there is to


Marapets: What is gourmet and how can I buy it?

I’m a big fan of marapets. I’m a foodie and a vegetarian, so it is my passion. What’s gourmet? It means, ‘well-made’. In my mind, it’s a whole menu, not just the marapet. The marapete is a really simple and practical tool. It has a large wooden box which contains everything you need to make a fabulous marapeto. You can make it


Indian women, foodies unite over the world’s best dishes

New Delhi: Indian women have united to offer their expertise to the world, and to each other, with an unprecedented effort to share food and recipes.The Food Sisters of India (FSI), an organisation of more than 1,000 women who help support local businesses, launched the #FoodSistersChallenge on Saturday.They are hoping the challenge will encourage the


How to make gourmet food at home

The latest and greatest gourmet products are available at the local grocery store or the supermarket, but sometimes they’re available for purchase online or from a specialty food truck.And while the best of gourmet cooking is available at home, there are also a few gourmet recipes that you can find online or in your kitchen.Here

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