How Columbus opened the world’s first gourmet restaurants


A former top executive at the Columbus, Ohio, restaurant chain known as Gourmet Foods says he believes the company was not a gourmet company but instead was merely a “business” as it was originally conceived.

John McLean, who headed the company for 18 years, told Recode he was “not surprised” that the company did not go into gourmet cuisine.

The company was just a business that was created for the benefit of its customers, McLean said.

In an interview with Recode, Mclean also said that the first restaurants were just restaurants that were sold by their customers.

“They were not created by Gourmet Food or Gourmet Restaurant, but by their clients,” he said.

“It’s not the way I would describe it.

It’s not something I would do.

It was a way to make money for a company that was struggling.”

McLean said Gourmet was a company of “family.”

“The customers that they were serving were not the only ones.

There was a lot of money going into the restaurant.

And the business was a little bit like a family business.

You had a lot going on.

You could make some money, but the majority of your time was spent helping the customers.”

He said the business never went beyond the first year.

“It wasn’t a gong show, but it was a genteel way of getting people through the year,” he told Recune.

“You were not trying to be the best in the world, but you were doing your best to serve the customers who were going to be there.”

The company began in 1919.

The first three restaurants opened in Cincinnati, New York, and Chicago.

In 1925, it was moved to its current location in Columbus, where it remained for nearly 50 years.

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