Aaron Gourmet Foods, Amazon’s grocery business, will pay $3.5 billion to settle antitrust charges


POLITICO HILLSBORO, N.C. — Aaron Goutteau Foods, the world’s largest purveyor of organic, fair trade and vegan foods, will settle antitrust and other charges that it violated antitrust laws by selling its organic food business to Amazon.

The company’s antitrust case will be heard by the U.S. Justice Department on Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal first reported Friday.

A year ago, the Justice Department sued Amazon in a case that it alleged would have allowed it to undercut organic grocery competition in the U,S.

A federal judge in Los Angeles dismissed the case in November after an independent panel said it did not meet the threshold of probable cause to issue a lawsuit.

Amazon and other big companies like Walmart, Target and Coca-Cola have argued that antitrust law allows them to buy and sell their own products to compete with smaller companies.

The Justice Department, which is conducting the antitrust case, declined to comment.

Goutteaux Foods, founded in 1993, has sold more than 40 million organic and Fair Trade products to more than 80 countries.

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