How to Make a $300 Sandwich at Home


What if you could make a sandwich for $300?

That’s the premise behind the $300 sandwich concept, which the creators of the “gourmet” food store in Atlanta, Georgia, hope to showcase next month.

The concept of the sandwich, which will be sold exclusively at the store, is based on a recipe created by chef Dan Kessinger, who describes it as a “simple sandwich with no filler.”

A variety of ingredients are used, including avocado, lettuce, cheese, and tomato.

The sandwich will come in six sizes, including a $20 “giant” that can hold about 15 sandwiches, as well as an $18 “gut-to-gut” that comes with a sandwich box.

The sandwiches are also available in other sizes, such as a $5.50 “grit-topped” sandwich and $7.50 medium.

To create the sandwiches, Kessings head chef Michael Siegel and his team, which includes two cooks, created a new method to make bread.

They also experimented with different types of cheese, such an Italian style, to see what worked best with the sandwich.

The team has also made the sandwiches smaller than their current sizes, but not too small to fit in the mouth of a small person.

It’s not clear if they will be available to the public at the time of their presentation, but the store plans to open later this month.

They’ve been working on the sandwich for a year and have plans to expand to more locations in the future.

(Photo: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution via Getty Images)The Atlanta-based company, which has been selling sandwiches for more than a decade, is looking to expand beyond the traditional sandwich industry.

In a statement, Siegel said the idea of “the $300” came to him after thinking about his wife, who has asthma.

He’s also an avid golfer, so he thinks it would be cool to share the “great feeling of being able to play on a big green that has a good field for golf.”

In addition to the sandwich concept and the $3.75 chips, the store is offering a $10 coupon for $100 worth of chips.

The shop’s website describes the sandwich as a way to “make your family’s lunch more special.”

The concept is based in part on the fact that “we have so many family members who love to cook and who enjoy eating out,” Siegel told The Verge.

“I think that this is an opportunity for them to make something special for them and also for our customers.”

(Photo by John Carl D’Annibale/AP)What do you think?

Should you be interested in making a $3,500 sandwich at home?

Let us know in the comments below.

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