A ‘cheap, delicious’ gourmet fast-food has popped up in Melbourne


LAS VEGAS — Lazar Gourmet Foods is a fast-casual chain of fast-cookers in the US.

The fast-fryer chain, which started in New York, started its Melbourne operations this month.

Its owner, Leon Gourmet, said the chain was about delivering fast-quality, healthy and local products.

“We’re not really catering to the mainstream, so we want to be a little bit different and bring a little more flavour,” he said.

Lars Gourmet Food has two locations in Melbourne and is based in Sydney.

Its menu is based on a traditional Mexican cooking style, where each item is individually prepared, but with a selection of condiments.

It features the popular spicy sauce and sour cream.

Its owners said they wanted to make their menu “more upscale” by offering a few more items, and not a huge selection.

“It’s about having a little something extra that you can’t get anywhere else,” Mr Gourmet said.

“Our main focus is just to deliver a quick meal and we want you to be able to get a quick experience and enjoy it.”

Laras Gourmet foods is the first Melbourne fast-service chain to be opened in the United States.

The chain is also expanding in Asia.

It opened its first location in Singapore in December, with plans to expand to other Asian countries in coming months.

More to come.

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