How to eat delicious vegan sushi at Nan’s (in partnership with Gourmet Foods)


Nan’s Gourmet Food, Inc., an Italian-inspired frozen food brand and the brainchild of a passionate chef, announced on Monday that it will be opening an outpost in San Francisco, California, and in 2019 it will expand to Chicago.

The San Francisco outpost will be the first Nan’s gummy bears to open in the U.S., and the Chicago store will offer the vegan treats in both a bag and a can.

Nan’s founder and CEO, Maurizio Martinelli, says that “the vegan community is growing at a rapid pace.”

He added that the new San Francisco location will serve “gourmet” and “healthy” gourmet treats, and it will offer a wide range of flavors.

Nan also announced on Twitter that it is expanding its food truck offerings to Chicago, adding a truck called the ‘Tango Truck.’

The ‘Tango Truck’ will offer vegan tacos, salads, wraps, and sandwiches with an emphasis on “vegan-friendly” ingredients.

And in 2019, Nan will expand its food offerings to Toronto, Canada.

The Toronto location will be opened by the end of 2019 and Nan will offer its gourmet frozen foods to Toronto customers.

The first two locations of Nan’s will open in Chicago on January 15, 2020.

The Chicago location will open January 16, 2020, and the San Francisco store will open on January 18, 2020 . 

While Nan’s products will be offered in both frozen and fresh versions, Martinelli said that the company’s goal is to create a “more affordable” product that will appeal to both vegan and non-vegan consumers.

Martinelli noted that Nan’s is now “one of the most successful vegan brands in the world,” and he hopes to grow the company into a global brand. 

Nan’s Gummy Bears, a Gourmet Frozen Food brand, announced that it plans to open an outlet in San Diego, California.

The new San Diego store will be called “Nan Gummy Bakeshop,” and will be open for business in the winter months. 

On Twitter, Martini said that Nan has partnered with Gumbo Food Group to develop “a range of high-quality, vegetarian gourmet items for children, as well as an exclusive collection of delicious vegan frozen treats for adults.” 

“The launch of our first San Diego San Diego location will help us further expand the product portfolio and reach more people around the world with Nan’s delicious gummy treats,” Martini added. 

The company said that its San Diego office will be in partnership with the San Diego-based San Francisco-based Gourmet Gummies and that the first Gumbo will launch in San Jose, California in January 2020. 

“Gourmet Gumbo” will offer “gummy treats, frozen drinks, cookies and other tasty snacks for adults, and other gourmet vegan treats for kids,” according to the company. 

Martinelli also confirmed that Nan will open a second San Francisco office later this year, and that he hopes “that the company will be a sustainable force in the market for gourmet gummy and vegan food.” 

Nano also said that it has “many great friends in the vegan community” and that it hopes to continue to grow its business. 

 Nanos co-founder Maurizia Martini, in an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek on Tuesday, said that, when the company launched its first San Francisco shop in 2009, she was inspired by the “lots of good people who are vegan and vegetarian” who helped her make the decision to start the company in San Bernardino, California . 

“There were so many good people in our community that helped me make this decision, and they helped us, too, with the business plan, and we also made a decision that we want to create the best vegan food,” Martinis said. 

According to the San Bernardino Daily Press, the San Jose location of the San José store is expected to open by early next year. Read more on Gourmet Foods

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