How to make French Gourmet Food at home


French gourmet restaurants and shops will be among the first to open for business in Dublin after the Government has approved the application for the franchise.

The franchise application was approved by Dublin City Council in a vote yesterday evening.

The application has been submitted by Gourmet Kitchen, a chain of shops that started up in Dublin in 2009.

The Government’s approval of the franchise means that Gourmet will be able to offer its customers in Dublin what it calls “the finest food on the planet”.

“We have to be clear that the quality of the food on offer will be guaranteed by our staff,” Gourmet said in a statement.

“We want to be a leader in the global food revolution and this means we need to ensure the food we make meets the highest standards and meets the consumer’s expectations.”

The quality of our food will be assured by our dedicated team of professionals, who will take pride in our products and the way we do it.

“The first restaurants to open in Dublin will be dedicated to serving quality food to customers in the City, while ensuring the environment is sustainable.”

Gourmet Kitchen is the second-largest chain of French gout food outlets in Ireland, with a turnover of €1.4 million.

It has more than 250 outlets across the country.

“Dublin City Council is delighted that the Government is taking this important step towards establishing the first French gourmand chain in Ireland,” said Dublin City councillor Mary O’Connor.

“Our residents are rightly proud of the vibrant community they live in and we are delighted that this will allow us to attract the best food in the world to Dublin.”

The Mayor of Dublin, Paul Coveney, said the franchise would allow Gourmet to expand to Dublin.

“This will be a huge boost for the business and will be an even bigger boost for our tourism sector and the economy,” he said.

“Gourmet has been the number one gourmet chain in the UK for years and this will provide a great opportunity for Dublin to grow.”

A spokeswoman for Gourmet confirmed the announcement on Twitter.

“Thank you to the Mayor of London and his team for allowing us to expand our UK network to Dublin,” the statement said.

The French brand has become a favourite of chefs and food bloggers for its gourmet cuisine.

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