‘Dumbfounded’: ‘They’re just not ready to admit they’re sick’


The American dream is fading.

The U.S. is on the brink of economic collapse, and we’re still living through a terrible financial crisis.

But some Americans are starting to understand that there’s something seriously wrong.

According to the latest Gallup poll, more Americans believe the country’s economic system is fundamentally broken than believe the U.N. climate summit was rigged.

More Americans than ever are now saying the economy is getting worse, not better.

The poll also found that Americans are less optimistic about their ability to get ahead in the future.

The number of Americans who believe their income inequality is the biggest problem is down slightly from a year ago, according to Gallup.

But that’s still a number that suggests a very different situation than we’ve seen since the Great Recession.

And while the Gallup poll found Americans increasingly optimistic about the future, that optimism is not translating into a desire to tackle the issues that are threatening our country’s economy.

It seems that the economic system we live in is not stable enough for Americans to see the need to take any steps to solve the problems facing them, said Scott Aaronson, the executive director of the Institute for Economic Freedom and Opportunity.

Americans’ pessimistic outlook on the future has become so pronounced that it’s becoming a major challenge for politicians, Aaracon said.

This is not a time to be optimistic.

We’ve been living through two of the most challenging economic recoveries in history, and it’s not just the recession that’s getting worse.

It’s that we’re living through the worst recovery in modern American history.

It has become the most expensive recovery in U.s. history.

In the first quarter of 2019, the median household income in the U,S.

was just $52,000.

But in the first six months of 2019 it rose to $65,000, the highest level in more than three decades.

And the median family income has fallen by a third since the first half of 2019.

In contrast, the bottom 20 percent of Americans saw their income rise by less than $3,000 between the first and second quarters of 2019 — the second-lowest figure in history.

The recession and the financial crisis were both a factor in Americans’ gloomy outlook on their futures.

But the economy’s recovery has been so lackluster that even those with solid incomes have been left behind.

The bottom 20% of Americans have seen their incomes fall by less that $10,000 since the second quarter of 2018, according the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy.

And median household incomes have fallen by less to $28,000 over the past three years.

And many of the jobs that Americans lost are no longer available because of the recession.

But Aarons optimism on the economy has taken a beating.

The economic recovery is a problem for the American people, but it is not an issue for politicians.

We know that we are on the right track.

We are on track to recover.

We need to get back on track.

But this recovery has not produced the results that Americans have hoped for.

The economy hasn’t recovered the way they would like.

And there is a huge gap between what Americans want and what politicians are willing to do.

The public has been left out of the recovery.

While most Americans think the economy will recover soon, just over half say it will take longer than two years.

Only half of Americans believe that the U-2 spy plane that flew over the Middle East was the real deal.

More than a third of Americans are pessimistic that the economy can make good on the promises they’ve made to the public.

Americans also feel that the government is not taking the steps needed to address the issues facing them.

Nearly half of all Americans are skeptical that politicians will do enough to fix the issues.

And half of those who say they’re more pessimistic are also less likely to trust politicians to do enough for them.

In addition, Americans are worried about their own jobs.

Half of Americans say that the unemployment rate has been too high and a third say that it has not been low enough.

More people are concerned about the job market than about the economy.

The unemployment rate is still too high, and the unemployment figure is not going to go down.

And as long as we continue to have such a bad job market, we will continue to see an increase in the number of people that are not looking for a job.

And when that increase in joblessness occurs, it has the potential to have serious consequences.

In this new economic reality, Americans do not believe that they can take any action to address any of the issues they face.

And for that reason, Americans want politicians to take bold action on climate change, and they do not trust politicians.

And that’s why a lot of people are pessimistic about the prospects for a long-term recovery in the near term.

This problem can be solved.

But Americans have not been able to get much closer to addressing the challenges facing them in the

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