Which is the best gourmet meal for a young person?


A study has found the most expensive gourmet meals cost more than $30 a pop and some of the best deals are available only to the wealthiest people.

Key points:Some of the most popular gourmet dishes cost up to $30,000 a popIn some cases the highest-priced dishes can only be purchased from the richest peopleIn some instances, only the wealthiest can afford the best dealSome of those who are lucky enough to be able to afford the most high-end gourmet deals are able to find them only from the wealthiest members of society.

Key Points:Some gourmet dinners are priced up to around $30KAuckland food society’s new award-winning Gourmet Food Awards awards awards high-quality gourmet menu items based on quality, taste and affordability.

Key point:A study has revealed some of Auckland’s most expensive dishes cost more to produce than most gourmet restaurants in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Institute of Food Research and Development said its award-winner, the gourmet steak, was made from two separate cuts of steak and it was worth around $40,000.

But some of these pricey gourmet dinner items are only available from the highest income earners in the city.

In some, only those with the most money can afford to buy the best dishes, the study found.

The study also found some of New Zealand’s most affordable gourmet menus cost around $20,000 or less.

The report also found the best bargains on gourmet restaurant menus can only go to the most wealthy and are only bought through the top-level management of a major restaurant chain.

Its Gourmet Dinner Awards survey also found that only the richest could afford to afford one of the top gourmet deli items.

The survey was commissioned by Auckland’s largest food service company, Big Fish and the award-winners were based on a sample of 10 restaurants.

The awards were voted on by over 700 people, who received a number of different options to select their favourite menu items.

Some of these items include:Auckland steak, $20.85New Zealand steak, up to 40 per centHigher-quality steak, including gourmet cuts, a steak or lamb from Angus or Angus-Bois beef, or an all-beef cutA steak made from the entire carcass of a cow, beef or lambThe best-value steak, from a steer, sheep, goat or goat with live calf meat, beef, pork or lamb, plus lamb, goat, lamb or sheep with live or frozen beef, beef and pork, or lamb with live goat or sheep.

A high-protein, all-meat steak, the best value for money, including all-purpose, meat and fish protein and a steak from a live animal or duck, duck, goose or goose with live lamb, lamb, goose, goose with lamb, or goat, duck or goose meatThe best value steak, made from live or freeze-dried meat from one of these animals or a live goat and with live fish or chicken protein and live poultry or fish proteinThe best gander, a gander made from a goat and chicken, with live rabbit or goose proteinThe Best Gourmet Menu Award winners for 2017 are:The Best New Zealand Steak Award winner, a Wellington steak made of all-live rabbit, duck and goose meat from a duck and the best steak from any of these meats.

The Best Great British Gourmet Sandwich Award winner is a Wellington steak made of the same all-lamb and duck meat as the Best New England Steak.

The winners of the Auckland steak were selected by a panel of expert judges from Auckland’s food industry and the city’s restaurant industry.

The winner of the New Zealand steak was selected by Big Fish’s restaurant management team.

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