Which foods are safe for children?


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said it has found no evidence that any of the foods on the list are safe to eat for children.

The FDA says the list includes foods such as candy, candies, biscuits, cake mixes, and ice cream, but it does not say whether any of these contain preservatives.

The food industry has said that the list does not cover all of the products that can be safely eaten for children, and that the FDA has overstepped its bounds.

“This is an egregious overreach of the FDA’s authority to require food manufacturers to provide information about safety,” the American Beverage Association, the industry’s trade group, said in a statement.

“It is a dangerous precedent to set for future safety regulations that require manufacturers to remove or restrict products from the list without providing information on the safety of those products.”

The FDA’s list of safe foods was drawn up after reports of a rise in cases of gastroenteritis among children in the United States, most notably in California and New York.

That prompted the agency to announce it was changing its recommendation for food labels to include a section about the effects of food allergies, and to also list the number of food allergy sufferers who can be treated with antibiotics.

In January, the FDA also said it was considering a change to its rule requiring food manufacturers that sell products containing preservatives to add them to the list.

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