‘It’s all about the food’: Gourmet food writer Celia Garza on why the best food in the world is delicious


Celia’s Gourmet Food Revolution is the first in a four-part series that delves into how the chefs of the world are using the culinary power of their bodies to transform the world around them.

In part one, we asked Celia to share her tips for creating the best, most delicious gourmet food in your home.

Here’s what she said.

What does it take to make a delicious gourmand?

First, you need to decide what kind of food you want to make.

“There are lots of great ideas, but what really makes it into a great meal is your taste buds,” she says.

“If you like a lot of chocolate, you’re probably going to like a gourmet chocolate.

If you like the taste of eggs, you probably want a gouda egg.

You have to have a specific taste that makes you feel good about yourself.

It’s a matter of figuring out what kind you want.”

Then you have to make sure the ingredients work together.

“Most of the time, we’re going to go for the whole grain thing.

For example, if you like roasted nuts, go for that,” she explains.

“Some people love almond butter and some people love coconut oil.

It depends on your preferences.

If the whole food is really good, you can go for almond butter.

If it’s really good but the whole ingredient is just not that great, you should go for coconut oil.”

If you’re a big fan of chocolate and you like to eat a lot, you might try using dark chocolate, as well as dark and dark cocoa.

“I think the whole thing about chocolate is that it’s more like a dessert,” she adds.

“When you put it in the dish, it’s a little bit like a candy bar.

It has some cocoa and it has chocolate chips, so it’s sort of a combination of different flavors.

So if you’re not a chocolate fan, you’ll want to go with dark chocolate.

You’ll also want to add some nuts if you want a nutty flavor.”

And if you can’t find dark chocolate in your pantry, you could try adding a few teaspoons of cocoa powder, she suggests.

“You can put a tablespoon of cocoa on top of the dark chocolate to add cocoa flavor,” she suggests, “but if you really like dark chocolate and don’t want to buy dark chocolate at the store, you will want to use cocoa powder instead.”

When cooking, it pays to use a variety of cooking methods.

“What I love about this kind of cooking is that you can really get the flavor out of things,” she points out.

“So if you have some fresh roasted nuts in there, you may want to throw them in there for flavor.

If they’re dried, you just need to throw a few in there.

But I would also say that the thing to remember is that all cooking is a skill and that’s really important.

There’s no magic bullet.

You need to have some good technique and a good palette.”

And once you have a gourmands food, what to eat?

“There’s always a good thing to eat, so the next step is to make it delicious,” she stresses.

“Sometimes it’s better to just use your imagination and get creative with the cooking.

There are many great recipes that people have put together.

I always try to find something I think would be a good combination with something else.

So maybe it’s just a big bowl of macaroni and cheese, or maybe it is something that you would like to have on the table with the food.”

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