What’s the deal with Gourmet Bbq in Delitalia?


A recent visit to the Delitalias BbQ restaurant in Chicago revealed a strange assortment of specialty meats.

At first glance, it looked like a standard bbqueria.

But the restaurant’s owner and owner’s brother-in-law were eager to prove to customers that their restaurant was no ordinary bb queria.

When we arrived, we were shocked to discover that this restaurant, the first in the city, had two separate dining rooms.

It was a total mystery.

And as we tried to explain to our servers what we were looking for, one of the men in charge of the bb cooking asked, “Who wants the bacon?”

When we finally realized what was going on, we asked if we could get some bacon.

The owner and his brother-at-law immediately responded, “Bacon?

Yes, we have it.”

“Oh, wow!” exclaimed one of our colleagues, “I don’t understand.”

They added, “No, no, we do not want the bacon.

We want the beef.

So, we need to make a special sauce to put on it.”

So, the two men in question concocted a complicated and somewhat ingenious recipe to cook up a special dish of their own.

The two sauces they used to make this special dish?

Cheddar, bacon, onion, and garlic.

The sauce was so tasty, we wondered how the two were able to get it from the ground up.

What we found was that, the owner’s brothers in law had already cooked up their own version of a traditional Delitalian Bbquera recipe, and they used that recipe to make their own special sauce.

We asked one of them, “How did you know what kind of sauce to use?”

The answer was simple.

“Because the sauce tasted so good, I thought that I could use that.

I also thought that it was a good idea to use some cheese.”

The owner’s siblings in law explained that they didn’t have any cheese in the house.

The restaurant owner’s sister in law, however, did have some cheese.

And the owner of the restaurant said that he had used some cheese in his recipe.

So the two owners decided to create their own homemade sauce.

The owners made their own cheese sauce.

They also added a few herbs and spices to their sauce.

So what was it that the owner and the owner family cooked up?

In the recipe, the meat was added at the end.

But what the owners did was to add the pork to the meat sauce, adding some garlic and onions to the sauce, and then adding the spices to the pork sauce.

At this point, we realized that the meat is what is in the sauce.

And in the process of cooking, the spices were added to the onions, which also became part of the meat.

The sauces were added together.

The meat and onions were mixed together, then the spices came in, and that’s when the sauce was created.

But how did they make the sauce?

The sauce is made by adding the beef to the base of the sauce with the onions.

The onions and garlic, when mixed together in the base, are combined with the pork in the sauces.

Then the meat and the spices come in to add flavor.

And then, as the meat cooks, the flavors are added.

So we have to say that the sauce is what the owner in the restaurant made himself.

The recipe also said that the pork was added first, then all the spices and herbs.

What was the recipe?

This sauce was made by combining the meat with the sauce and then using the onions to add a bit of flavor to the end of the pork.

The onion and garlic is added at that point to the mixture.

And when the pork cooks, those are added back in.

This sauce is the result of a combination of all the flavors.

But this is just the beginning of the story.

The first time we went to Delitalias BbQuera restaurant, we ordered the meat, the sauce , and a plate of cheese.

The menu stated that the plate of bread was free.

After our visit, we learned that the food was free for everyone, and we were given a complimentary plate of beer.

But we were never given any bread.

Instead, the menu told us that we could buy a “free” beer for each person who ordered food.

The “free beer” did not appear on the menu.

The next time we came to the restaurant, on a different day, we came back with the same plate of food.

However, this time, we had to ask to buy bread.

The manager said, “We will give you bread.”

So we asked for bread.

As the manager asked, the waiter came to our table and asked, where did you get the bread?

“From the restaurant.”

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