What to know about the ‘gourmet’ food awards that celebrate the best of gourmet cooking


Foodies have been clamoring for gourmet awards for years, but this year there’s a new wave of nominations from chefs and other foodies to take home the gourmet award.

The New York Times is reporting that chefs from around the world are applying for the gannett’s 2017 Gourmet Awards, a category that’s been given a boost by the arrival of a new generation of foodies and culinary talent.

The Times reported that in addition to gourmet chef winners from the UK, US, Australia, China, India, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey and Japan, chefs from the Middle East and Africa are also applying for these gannets.

There’s no word on how many applications are being made, but it’s possible that this year’s crop of gannet winners will be just a bit smaller than last year’s.

The gannetz awards have also been given more attention in recent years, thanks to a new gourmet competition that was created last year.

That competition was created in response to a recent report that chefs are underpaid in the US, and that the American Culinary Federation (ACF) has been pushing for an overhaul of the country’s food certification system.

A group of food industry groups and some major retailers have been lobbying for more transparency and accountability in the food industry.

The new ganneting awards are being hosted by the New York Culinary Society, and will take place on March 10.

Read more about gannetts and the gam, here.

gourmet food awards gourmet food products

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