How much do you spend on your holiday?


A lot, according to a new study.

The research from the British Association for Gourmet Food (BAGF) has found that many British people spend between £5,000 and £10,000 on a single meal on holiday.

This is a lot more than what you might expect from the typical tourist.

It is around two times the amount spent by people from mainland Europe, the study found.

Baggo, who runs the research, said this was because people were spending more money on their holiday than they had previously.

The study analysed data from 5,600 British adults and found that for each £1 spent on the cost of food and drink, they spent an average of £1.25.

This included £1 on the average cost of a coffee, £2 on a bagel, £3 on a pizza and £6 on a takeaway.

The cost of goods, which includes petrol, gas and insurance, was about £3.47 a day.

The BAGF study found that the majority of people spent the same amount on their travel: the average person spent £5.18 on a day out.

But the survey also found that people who spent the most on their holidays also spent the least money.BAGI’s research found that only 16 per cent of people surveyed were spending £1,000 or more on food and drinks.

This included 28 per cent who were spending around £2,500.

And the biggest spenders were those who spent £20,000 to £30,000.

These people spent £12,912 on food, alcohol and takeaway meals.

Other studies have found that Britons spend more than half of their spending on food.

The research shows that the average British holidayer spends an average £13,400 on food at home.

This includes £6,800 on food on their food budget, £5 of which is spent on drinks.

Bags and takeaway food are the most expensive items to purchase at the end of the week, the survey found.

For every £1 saved, £0.15 is spent at the checkout.

This was compared to the average of about £1 a day spent by Britons.

Overall, people were likely to spend around £10.50 on their groceries and takeaway items, which included a quarter of what they spent at home on food as well as the cost to buy them.

Baggies, cakes, pies and takeaway foods were also more expensive than food and beverages.

Belfast Telegraph Digital

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