Why the NHS has to step in to stop kids eating food


Children have become a growing problem in the UK and the US, where there is growing concern about their health.

There are more than 100,000 cases of food poisoning per year, and children in the US have the highest number of food-related illnesses per capita of any country.

Many of the outbreaks involve a contaminated meal or food, and many are linked to parents who don’t properly sanitise their own food.

Health experts are now urging the Government to step up its efforts to help children.

The NHS is also facing a funding crisis, with a further £500 million earmarked for funding for the children’s hospital, NHS Manchester.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has been asked to set out plans to provide extra funding to the NHS to address the increasing number of cases of illnesses linked to food poisoning.

In an interview with the BBC’s Today programme, he said he hoped to have plans for a “major boost” in funding by the end of the year.

Health Minister Norman Lamb has said the Government will look at increasing funding for children’s hospitals and child care centres to help reduce the numbers of foodborne illnesses.

Health groups and charities have urged the Government not to take unnecessary action to combat the foodborne illness crisis, saying it will only exacerbate the problem.

The Food Standards Agency said last month that its data indicated the UK had surpassed the European average in foodborne cases.

The agency said food poisoning cases have risen from 3,902 in 2011 to 5,932 in 2014, and it predicted more food-borne cases would continue to increase in coming years.

More than 200 people died of food borne illnesses in England last year, with the majority of deaths linked to contaminated food.

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