The Latest on the ‘Best Chef’ Contest


The best chef in the world is on the hunt for his or her next meal and in a move that may shock some of us, a new poll of more than 1,200 people across North America has revealed the winner of the 2017 Michelin Guide to Food Awards is a local eatery.

The winning restaurant, which is not named in the poll but is listed as the restaurant listed on the award’s website, is a tiny, family-run restaurant called the Paddy’s Pub in London, which has been serving up local fare for years.

The results of the poll reveal that the Paddys are now the #1 local restaurant in the country.

Paddy is not alone in getting the honor of the Michelin Top Chef Awards, which have long been coveted by chefs worldwide.

Last year, the top three restaurants were all based in New York City.

The top three chefs in 2016 were all from Toronto.

This year, however, only three chefs were from Toronto and all three were finalists.

The Michelin guides are made up of a variety of culinary awards, which are awarded to the best restaurant in each of the world’s largest markets and a panel of judges.

The winner of each Michelin guide is the person who is named on the best list.

That person will then go on to cook the best version of a restaurant in any of the six regions in which they operate.

The Top Chef awards are considered one of the most prestigious awards in the culinary world, with only a few other awards ever recognized as the best.

A new Michelin restaurant is also expected to make the cut for the 2017 awards, but this year’s list of restaurants is much more varied.

For starters, the new Top Chef winners for North America have been in a crowded field, with a host of restaurants from across the country competing for the honor.

For example, the winning restaurants in the 2017 World Cup of Outstanding Restaurants were all in Canada.

Restaurants like Bao Bao, Zagat, and The Big Plate all won their prestigious awards last year, but only one restaurant in North America made the Top Chef Top 10 list in 2018.

Restaurances like Baru in Hong Kong and KFC in Toronto also won the awards this year.

A lot of the Top 10 restaurants are also from the same regions, like Baruca in Puerto Rico and the Gorgonzola in Italy.

Some of the more surprising Top 10 lists this year include the Pappardelle in France, Boulud in Germany, and the Peking duck house in China.

All of these restaurants are among the most iconic restaurants in North American cuisine.

Some restaurants were named by Michelin as top 10 in a previous year, like Goya’s in Japan and the restaurant at the heart of the iconic French menu, the Bouladenier, in France.

The Paddy, which opened in London in 2016, has been making local food for over 30 years.

It is also the only restaurant in London that serves traditional local fare, like local fish and chips, and its gourmet canned foods, including raw, canned, and raw and dry, as well as gourmet.

Paddies restaurant serves fresh seasonal and seasonal gourmet produce in the kitchen, and customers are also encouraged to bring their own dishes and fill up the paddy buckets they use to eat the food in.

It’s not uncommon for Paddy to host local events and parties, and is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary.

The owners have been selling their gourmet, locally sourced, and organic produce and offering their customers a wide range of different dishes to choose from, such as seafood, vegetables, breads, cheeses, and fruit.

There are also a few specialty foods such as the famous oysters from the island of St. Helena, which can only be found on Paddy.

It also has a bar on site for customers to enjoy and a wine and cheese bar, and they have also opened a bar next door.

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