What’s your favourite dessert from a royal gala?


From the moment I heard the royal gamba was coming to Melbourne, I was ready to go.

The first stop on the Royal Family’s favourite dessert tour is the Royal Melbourne Gourmet Food Centre, located just off the M4 in Melbourne’s CBD.

For $39.95 per person, you get the opportunity to taste a selection of Royal family favourites including cheesecake, a cake and the royal-inspired cheesecake sauce that’s so popular on the royal menu.

The gamba is accompanied by the likes of a chef’s table and a buffet where you can sample desserts made by Royal chefs, including royal desserts made from royal-style cheesecake.

The Royal Victoria Gourmet food Centre is a favourite of the royal family.

Source: 7 News (AAP: Jason Edwards) “I’m very excited, the royal chefs have really taken it on and done a fantastic job,” said Emma Smith, who runs the centre.

“I love the flavours of the cheesecake and the flavour of the custard, it’s just such a hit.”

We’re just so pleased to be here with the Royal family.

It’s the first stop of the Royal Gourmet Chocolate Festival, which is a special treat for everyone.

“There are also gourmet trail foods, like royal-themed chocolate bars and royal-branded chocolate bars, which are also available at the gamba.

The chocolate trail food has also been given the royal royal stamp of approval.”

It’s just something that you can’t get enough of, it is really special and it’s a great opportunity to eat a lot of chocolate and enjoy the royal heritage of the chocolate,” Ms Smith said.”

I’m just really happy that it’s coming to us and I’m so excited about it.

“They’ve got the royal chocolate trail and it is absolutely wonderful.”

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