Hawaii-based food company is eyeing Hawaii and cat food


Hawaiian-based Cat Food Enterprises, the first Hawaiian food company, has a lot riding on the launch of a new cat food product in Hawaii.

Hawaii-based cat food company Cat Food Industries is planning to open a store in Honolulu and a website in 2018, according to a statement released Thursday by Cat Food CEO Josh Tully.

The company plans to sell cat food, but will not be selling the cat-specific cat food.

The company’s product will be made with natural ingredients.

It is intended for cats and dogs of all ages, Tully said.

Cat Food Industries has been a local food business for more than 30 years.

Tully started the company in 2010 as a small food business that became a franchisee of the Hawaiian island of Maui.

The Cat Food Corporation was founded in 2006 by Tully, and he has become the company’s CEO.

Tully said Cat Food was born from the realization that there is a need for a sustainable alternative to cat food at an affordable price.

Cat Foods is a collaboration with Cat Food and is an “industry leader in cat food innovation and quality assurance,” the company said.

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