Which of these foods are worth it to make?


In a recent post, the gourmet food blogger Dan Kranish outlined his five favorite gourmet foods, and the five gourmet options he used to decide on the top three.

I was curious to see if anyone had tried making any of them, so I called Dan and asked if he would be interested in writing up a guide on making gourmet meals.

Dan agreed, but we also wanted to see what kind of foods he liked and disliked, and if he could help us find recipes.

I wanted to know how Dan’s top five gourmets turned out.

He told me he had no idea how many of his favorites had been made.

We’ll try to put together a list of gourmet items and try to come up with a recipe for each one.

This is a guide to his favorite gourmand foods, as well as his five other favorites.


Cheesecake, by Dan Krantish and David Krantisch, New York Times best seller and author of The Cheesemaker’s Companion (2008) 2.

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Cheezy Peanut Butter Sandwich, by Sue Taggart, Washington Post, January 18, 20184.

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Chickpea Soup with Chickpeas, with Pea Powder, and Basil, by Ashley A. Pfeiffer, Cooking, June 11, 201927.

Roast Bean and Tomato Soup with Cucumber, with Spicy Garlic and Peas (Serves 2), by Jill D. and Scott C. Lipscomb, Foodie Weekly, June 15, 201928.

Roaster Cheese and Egg Soup with Peaches, Peaches and Sweet Potato Soup, and Garlic Dill, by Kristine J

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