Australian gourmet food is a ‘game changer’


A new brand has been created to compete with the likes of the Michelin-starred French restaurant chain, which has recently announced plans to open its first Australian restaurant.

Key points:The Australian food brand Aussie Gourmet Foods has been launched in Melbourne with a focus on qualityAustralian food brand, Aussie gander, has just launched its first Melbourne restaurantIt’s a new brand for the company, which is currently in its third year of being runAussie Gander’s Melbourne location is set to open next monthThe company is hoping to expand into Melbourne’s CBD area, where it’s already found success with its popular food brands including Macchiato and Macchia.

Its Melbourne location will be its first retail outlet in Australia and is set for a grand opening on January 10.CEO and founder of Australian Gander Paul Wylie says the launch of Aussie has been a great moment for the brand, as it aims to build a reputation for quality Australian food in the Melbourne area.

“We’ve had to get into the food industry, but this has been the first time we’ve been able to do that at a national level, and it’s a real opportunity,” he said.

“The fact that we have the chance to do this with a local brand and that’s a win-win-win for us and the community.”

When you get an opportunity like this, the brand is the only thing that really matters.

“Aussie has a global reputation for delivering quality products.

It has also launched several Australian restaurants in Australia, including its flagship Melbourne location.

It launched its Australian headquarters in Sydney in the early 1980s, and today it has more than 30 restaurants in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Canberra.

The brand is known for its quality food, with its signature Macchiaco (french macaroni and cheese), Macchiaros, Macchianos, and Maccaroni, amongst other flavours.

Paul Wylies said the company wanted to create a “gourmet brand for Australians” and “create a new market for Australians”.”

We wanted to take a brand that had been around for a very long time and bring it into a new context,” he told ABC News.”

So the Macchiolo, the Maccadillo, the Tangerine, the Orange and the Cherry flavours are all part of that new flavour range.

“Australian Gander is one of Melbourne’s top gourmet cooking brands.

Paul says his team was excited to launch the brand in Australia after a successful Australian franchise opened in Sydney.”

It was really exciting to be able to launch our first Melbourne location and to build up a brand there, and we were excited to bring that expertise to our first Australian store,” he explained.”

To be able bring that knowledge to our next Melbourne location was great.

“Paul says the new restaurant will be a “game changator” for the industry in Melbourne.”

What Aussie is doing in Melbourne is a huge step forward, because Australians have always been a big fan of Australian food,” he added.”

For a long time, Australia was considered one of the world’s great food hubs.

Now, it’s really a great opportunity for Australians to have a taste of that.

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