Jordon Ball was ‘fooled’ by a $2,500 meal for dinner


The NBA’s Jordon, the rookie center who made it to the Finals with the Phoenix Suns, has been caught out by a big meal. 

According to TMZ, Ball went to a restaurant to pick up a $1,000 dinner for his parents on Tuesday, April 7.

Ball, who was a first-round pick out of Baylor University, said he wanted to be a role model to his teammates. 

“They want to see me in a uniform.

They want to talk about me,” Ball told TMZ. 

Jordon Ball said he is “fooling” the NBA. 

TMZ reports that he paid $2.2,000 for the meal.

Ball’s father, Mark, said the money was “totally my money” and he was “not trying to take advantage of anybody.”

“He’s a very humble, humble person.

He’s always been very humble,” Mark Ball told The Hollywood Reporter. 

Ball has been a frequent presence at NBA All-Star Weekend events.

He is the first player in NBA history to win two MVP awards and is one of only five players in NBA Finals history to lead the league in scoring.

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