How to make the perfect Thanksgiving turkey


The tradition of making the perfect turkey is a common one for many Thanksgiving meals, but how exactly do you make it?

We asked a group of experts to help us understand the process.

To prepare a turkey for Thanksgiving, it’s important to understand what you want.

You want to be very, very careful with the meat, since it’s going to be cooked through, and that’s the best way to make sure it’s tender.

You also want to have it lean, so you can use the fat to add flavor.

You’ll also want the bird to be lean, because that’s one of the easiest ways to preserve meat for later use.

You don’t want it to be overcooked.

You can cook a turkey by cooking it on a stovetop for 20 minutes, and then you can pull it out and throw it in the oven at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for about an hour and a half, or on a grill for an hour or two.

So if you want to make a turkey that’s not too lean, you can start by cooking the turkey at a low heat.

That’s about the same heat that a regular stovetop turkey will be cooking.

When you get to the point where the turkey is at a point where it’s starting to soften, you’ll want to add a little water to make it cook a little more quickly.

That should take about 30 minutes.

Once you’re cooking it, you want the turkey to be perfectly browned, or slightly browned.

You’ll want the fat and the juices to come out evenly.

You might not be able to get all the fat out of the turkey, but you’ll get it out of it.

You may not get the juices all out of your turkey, so if you do, that’s okay.

That can be a concern when you’re trying to cook a slow cooker turkey.

So keep an eye on the turkey and adjust the cooking time depending on how browned it is.

You want the skin to be crispy, so make sure you don’t overcook it.

When it’s done cooking, you don,t want to put it in a slow-cooker.

You should be able put it on the stovetop and cook it for an additional hour.

If you want your turkey to taste even better, you might want to use a turkey drier.

That will help keep the fat from sticking to the skin, which helps flavor the meat and give it a nice, crisp exterior.

The drier also helps preserve the flavor of the meat.

You won’t be able get all of the fat, so the drier should be the best option.

You can use an apple cider vinegar that’s a bit stronger than regular vinegar to flavor the turkey.

The vinegar will help make sure that the fat doesn’t get too thick.

If you don.t have an apple, you may want to get a little stronger vinegar that has more alcohol.

If that’s what you’re looking for, you should get a strong apple cider.

You’re also going to want a good quality, well-seasoned, white wine that you can bring to the table.

It’ll help give the turkey a good flavor.

Another thing to keep in mind is to be sure that you have a turkey leg.

You need to make certain that the leg isn’t too dry or too hot, and it has a good grip on the meat so that you don?t end up with an uneven skin or a lot of meat stuck to the leg.

If the leg is too dry, the turkey won?t be cooked evenly.

The leg should be slightly overcooked so that the turkey doesn?t burn or go off the bone.

If it?s too hot or dry, it won?

t be cooked at all.

That?s the meat that you’re going to cook.

It needs to be moist, tender, juicy, and brown.

You will need to cook the meat to a depth of 1 to 2 inches (3 to 5 centimeters) in the center, or at least about 1 inch (2 centimeters) above the surface of the bone, so that there’s a decent amount of fat on the bone when it hits the bone and browns on the inside.

Once it’s cooked, it can be left to rest for about 30 to 45 minutes.

After that, you could use a thermometer to check the temperature and the tenderness of the breast.

After you’ve cooked the breast for 30 to 35 minutes, you need to remove the leg, which is important to keep it moist, so it doesn?

t overcook.

Then you can cook the leg on the grill for another hour or so, depending on the thickness of the leg and the amount of liquid that was added to it.

When you’ve done that, remove the breast and transfer it to a plate, and let it rest for at least 30 minutes or

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