The best way to eat out: What you need to know about dining out


How do you choose between a gourmet dinner, a gander at a restaurant, or a sushi roll?

 And which restaurant should you go to?

The answer depends on which restaurant you are going to.

Here’s our guide to what to look out for in dining out in Sydney. 

Where to go in Sydney?

Sydney is the capital of the nation, home to a huge population, a growing city, and one of the world’s best dining destinations.

While you may have been lucky enough to be invited to a birthday bash, birthday party, wedding, or corporate event, a night out is just as important as a dinner date.

You can choose from a variety of restaurants, from restaurants in the CBD to places in the suburbs and even out in the bush.

If you’re in a hurry to make your way to a restaurant then there are a number of options.

The best restaurants for quick dining are: 1.

Kowloon Restaurant (Kowloon) Kowloo has been known for their premium and fresh food for over 30 years.

They have been known to bring out special events to their restaurants and even offer their customers the chance to get in on the action by becoming a member of the family.

Check out their website for a full list of their locations. 


Lido (Lido) Lido is one of Sydney’s most well-known dining restaurants and their restaurant menu has been a hit in the city for over 20 years. 

They offer a menu of over 20 dishes, including an appetizer, lunch and dinner options. 


Alinea (Aurora Park) Alinea’s signature dish is their famous fish roll.

It is a simple, simple dish that uses fresh fish fillets and is served with housemade sauce and lettuce leaves. 


The Dessert Bar (Aberlestone) The Dessert bar is one place you won’t have to worry about your credit card and your meal bill.

With over 30 restaurants in Sydney, this place is a place to stop in and get a quick bite to eat, or maybe a glass of wine.


The Blue Hill Bar & Kitchen (Atherton) Atherington is a popular place for a quick fix of fresh food, and the best part is you can choose between three of the most popular dishes.

Their menu has a variety with salads, sandwiches, burgers, and wraps.


The King’s Table (St George) This iconic dining spot is a prime spot for a late night meal.

The atmosphere is intimate and casual with tables and chairs.


The Sticky Note Bar (Gardiner) There are plenty of bars that offer quick meals to suit the tastes of the customer, and this is one that has a wide selection of options for a meal or two.


The Kool Gee Bar (Dorothy) If the weather is nice and the weather outside is great, there are plenty to choose from when it comes to a late meal.


The Big Stick Bar (Boulder) Not only is the Big Stick bar one of New South Wales’ best places to eat late at night, it is also a great spot to catch up on your favourite TV programmes and films.


Barroso’s Bar and Grill (Mount Gambier) Barrosos Bar and Grille has been serving up some of the best eats in town for over 25 years.

Their menu is filled with a wide range of food, including burgers, sandwiches and fish rolls. 


Lizzie’s Pub (Mount Tabor) While Lizzies Pub is a well-loved and well-travelled restaurant, its also a spot to enjoy a late lunch.


The Hanger Bar and Kitchen (Tasmania) Another great restaurant to catch a late afternoon meal is the Hanger bar and kitchen.


The Queen’s Bar (Stirling)  Another great eatery to try is the Queen’s bar.


The Cane (Syd) For a late dinner, try the Cane in Sydney’s CBD.


The Black Room (Sutherland) You’ll find a great variety of food to try here.


The Loo (Lidcombe) Sitting around a table with friends is a great time to get a bit of entertainment.


The Bazaar (Melbourne) With more than 60 restaurants to choose between, this is the place to find the right one for you.


The Club (Wodonga) When it comes down to it, this isn’t

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