How to save a $25 bill for a family meal


A family of four needs only $25 to eat their first meal at the local diner, but many diners in the city of Chicago have begun asking for a discount.

As the holidays approach, Chicagoans are finding new ways to eat out with their families, as well as offering free meals for some diners.ABC News has a roundup of some of the new tips, tips from around the country, and other tips for dining out in Chicago.1.

Order a bowl of soup or salad to save $5.

The Chicago Tribune reported that a group of people recently walked into a Chicago restaurant and ordered a bowl and a bowl for $5, which they were given back in cash.

It was the first time that such a request had been made in Chicago, but the tip has now been shared widely on social media.2.

Buy one large salad to get $1 off.

If you want to save some money on a meal, there’s a way to do that.

The Chicago Tribune has a tip on how to buy a large salad.3.

Save $10 with a dinner at a restaurant.

Some restaurants are offering up to $10 off a dinner if you sign up for a 30-minute appointment with the front desk.

This is not a big deal, but if you have to wait more than 15 minutes, you might want to get a friend or relative over.4.

Don’t skip your first meal.

You can get a free meal by signing up for the first meal and signing in for a minimum of 20 minutes.5.

Save your money for a dinner with friends.

Chicago has a restaurant that is giving away free meals to friends.

Some restaurants offer up to 50% off a meal.6.

Use your credit card to save money at a store.

Another tip from the Chicago Tribune:If you have $100 in your checking account, just buy two of those cards and save the rest.7.

Use a credit card for a free lunch.

The tip has been shared on Twitter by a couple of Chicagoans.8.

Get a free bottle of wine at a Chicago pub.

The tip has since been shared by more than 20 people.9.

Use the money saved on a pizza to buy groceries.

The restaurant that shared the tip is a restaurant called the Green Door.

It has offered free meals since March.10.

Make a donation to the Chicago Children’s Hospital.

The restaurant has offered up to 25% off the cost of a meal at its restaurants.

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