World’s largest cat food empire says it will no longer sell cat food due to climate change


Gourmet Dominican food has said it will stop selling cat food products in the US because of climate change.

The company’s CEO, Carlos Lopez, said in a statement on Tuesday that it was “deeply concerned” by the fact that US cat food manufacturers have made cat food “more expensive than in other parts of the world”.

Lopez said the US cat owner’s group, the American Cat Owners Council, had “strongly encouraged” the company to pull out of its product range because it was the “only product” in the country that was more expensive than the cat food sold in other countries.

“I am also deeply concerned that the global food market is not functioning properly because of the impact climate change is having on cats,” Lopez said.

“Cat food is the most expensive cat food available in the world.

And it is also the only product in the United States that is more expensive per gram than in the UK, France and Italy.”

We have a very difficult decision to make and we must be very careful not to hurt our loyal customers in the process.

“Lopez also said that the company was “fully committed to making a difference for the cat owner”.”

Cat food costs US$4.40 per gram and cat food has been sold at wholesale prices in the region of $3.80 per gram since 2004, according to the US Department of Agriculture.”

And we hope that our customers will do the same.”

Cat food costs US$4.40 per gram and cat food has been sold at wholesale prices in the region of $3.80 per gram since 2004, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

Lopez’s company will continue to sell cat-friendly products in other markets.

Cat food in China was previously sold at US$1.25 per gram, according, and the price is set to fall further as the country transitions to a more sustainable diet.

The American Cat Food Council has criticised other cat food brands for failing to take on climate change and for selling products that are more expensive.

“The cat food industry has had a hard time coping with the changing climate because of high costs,” the organisation said in September.

“This has been especially challenging in the past few years when prices for cat food have been higher than in many other markets.”

The council also said the “cat food industry is at the forefront of a global movement to reduce CO2 emissions.”

Lloyd Smith, a spokesperson for Cat-Free America, said it was encouraging that Gourmet Domestica was taking the step to withdraw from cat food.

“It is important to note that cat food can be made healthier and cheaper for cats, and we look forward to working with Gourmet to make sure they are fully prepared to continue to produce cat food that meets the needs of cats,” he wrote in an email.

“Gourmet Domastica’s decision is a positive one for all consumers, especially those who live in a city, where the demand for cat foods is high.”

The US Food and Drug Administration said that cat foods that had a higher concentration of animal proteins than other types of cat food were considered to be safe, according of the agency.

Cat food manufacturers in the market have been faced with increasing demand from consumers who want a cheaper alternative to the expensive, animal-based cat food produced by the US food industry.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, more than 1.1 million cats are now killed annually for food poisoning, and that number could reach 10 million by 2030.

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