Tambellinis: From gourmet to classic


The Irish Food Blog is delighted to bring you a special edition of our favourite gourmet food from around the world.

The gourmet tambella, as it’s called in Italy, is a delicacy of the gourmet realm and the Italian food culture, where it is so popular it’s almost a culinary religion.

It’s made by combining different flavours of pasta, herbs, and spices, which are then cooked to perfection, and then baked, sometimes for several hours at a time, to create a savoury and rich flavour. 

Italian dishes like tambellsino, a dish made with fresh tomatoes and basil, and mare’s di mare, with an unusual marinara sauce made with goat cheese and mushrooms, are the most famous. 

But tambollini are also an Italian specialty and have their own specialities, as well as being a very popular pasta in many parts of Italy. 

The tambellettes are also made with other ingredients such as pancetta, tomatoes, basil, garlic, mushrooms, and egg, and the finished dish is then served over a bed of tender pasta.

Tambollinis are a great way to share your favourite Italian dishes. 

And if you’re in Dublin, don’t forget to visit the Tambelletto restaurant at the Irish Embassy to try out their special tambello. 

Find out more about Italian food and cuisine from The Irish Magazine and The Irish Tasting Guide, as they share their top Italian dishes and how to find the best Italian restaurants in Ireland. 

Irish Food Blog: Gourmet tassels, mare di mire, mousse and more.

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