What you need to know about Hawaii’s newest gourmet food destination: ‘A real gem’


Waianae, Hawaii (AP) Hawaii’s newest specialty gourmet restaurant has received a stamp of approval from the state.

Hawaii Foods is a chain of upscale eateries that debuted in the city of Waianas, about 50 miles northwest of Honolulu, in March.

The restaurants, located at a new hotel in Waianakea, have already garnered the attention of national media, including CNN.

The new Hawaiian cuisine is said to have been created by chef Brian O’Neill, who was born and raised in Waiau.

His father is the founder of the family restaurant chain, which is now in its fifth location in Hawaii.

The new restaurant, which opened in March, serves a wide range of foods, from the traditional to the exotic.

There is a selection of gourmet meats, soups and condiments, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables.

There are also a number of items such as a steak, sausage, and pork chop.

Hawaiians are also enjoying the unique flavors of their local produce, which are made with locally sourced ingredients and are often prepared in a traditional way.

There are two gourmet restaurants in Hawaii now, including Waianakani.

The new restaurant in Waikiki is also known as the Hula Palace.

A couple of the restaurants that have opened in Waiana are Gourmet Grill and Hawaii Restaurant.

Both restaurants have received accolades for their quality, location and service.

One of the things that has made Hawaii such a unique food destination is the lack of a standardized list of ingredients.

For example, a dish can be made from one variety of fish, chicken, lamb, and a few other items.

And the quality of the ingredients varies greatly.

In contrast, Hawaii has more than a dozen different food groups that can be grouped together as Hawaiian foods.

They include seafood, seafood, steak, sushi, chicken noodle, and so forth.

Hawaii has become an international culinary destination and the food here is so unique, it is no wonder so many locals are choosing to eat there.

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