Gourmet Backpacking Food in India


I am currently working in Delhi, India, a city with a reputation for its gourmet food.

My favourite thing to eat is Indian food.

I like the cuisine, the spices and the ambience.

So when I went to India to do my MBA, I decided to go with the gourmet menu.

My favorite thing to do there is to sit at the outdoor table and eat.

Gourmet food is the next level of dining.

It is really fun to eat at a restaurant.

I do a lot of cooking for my clients, especially for the gourmets.

It gives them something to talk about and I feel a great connection with them when they are dining at my restaurant.

But it’s hard to describe what it is like to actually eat at one of my restaurants.

The staff is nice, but it can be a bit hard to be the host.

I think the atmosphere is fantastic.

It’s a little like living in a small town, so there is always something to be done.

And that’s what makes gourmet dining a very rewarding experience.

I try to make sure the menu is just what the givers want it to be.

I would say that a lot is based on taste and tradition.

I can’t tell you what the restaurant staff is doing.

They are just really happy to be there and are so excited to serve me their special treats.

They have a huge appetite, which makes it a great way to spend a day in the city.

I am sure there are many gourmet meals in India that are even better than what you get at a traditional restaurant.

The food is always delicious and I have never tasted a dish that is so good.

The most important thing is that you try it all and then tell me what you think.

gourmet backpacking food

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