When it comes to gourmet cuisine, Canada has plenty of gourmet places to choose from


Cuginos, one of Toronto’s biggest gourmet restaurants, is celebrating its third birthday this week.

It will be open on Sunday and Monday nights from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m., with a big focus on the cheese.

The menu, curated by chef Alex Chua, features a number of gourmand items.

One of them is a cheeseburger made with cheddar, provolone and feta cheese, a recipe he developed himself, and one of his favourites is a vegan cheeseburgers made with tofu and arugula, as well as a grilled tofu scramble with crispy fried tofu and black bean slaw.

The food is served with housemade marinara sauce, housemade tomato sauce, and homemade pickled carrots.

The restaurant’s specialties are the cheese gourmet, which includes gourmet versions of cheddar-chive and cheese gouda, and the cheddar cheeseburners, made with cheese gourmands, pepper jack cheese, and bacon-wrapped provolones.

The cheese gondola is one of the most popular options at the restaurant.

The gondolas, which are shaped like a giant cork, are designed to be used for cheese sandwiches.

The chefs say the cheese is the ultimate party food, with the cheesebuffers, the cheese gravy and cheese sandwich.

Cuginos chef Alex, left, and chef Alex Yoon on the kitchen table.

(CBC)It’s the cheese that gives the cheese and the gravy a kick.

They’re made with house-made marinated cheddar cheese and provolonedes.

The cheddar is aged on site and then mixed with sour cream, sour cream cheese, maple syrup and other spices, and then baked until it’s smooth and creamy.

“We really like to make the cheese better, and we’ve perfected that technique,” says Alex.

“The final product tastes great.

There are times when we make the whole thing ourselves.”

In the kitchen, the gondolas feature a range of goudas, including a cheesecake-like casserole made with eggplant, basil and tomatoes, a vegetarian version with mushrooms and mushrooms and onions, and a savory cheese sandwich, made by adding sour cream and pickled onions to the cheese, garlic, mushrooms and peppers.

Cugiinos’ chef, Alex, and his team also use a variety of ingredients for the cheese sandwiches, including cheddar from the kitchen and a blend of goat cheese, cheese, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Alex and his wife, Yoon, are also chefs at Gourmand Kitchen, a popular gourmet restaurant in Vancouver that is home to many famous chefs and restaurateurs.

The restaurant was founded in 2010 by former chefs John Gourard and Alex Chow.

They’ve been busy cooking up gourmet dishes since then, like a cheese gourna and cheese gravy with pickled vegetables and goat cheese.

Alex says his gourmet menu was created to give customers a taste of the food at his restaurants.

“The cheese, it’s just so well made and so good, it makes us smile, because we’re so happy to make it for you,” he says.

“That’s why it’s really good for us, and that’s why we keep making it.”

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